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Havells Zella Flap Auto Immersion Rod 1500 Watts – Review

Material Made With Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 34.3 x 24.9 x 37 Centimeters
Brand Havells
Colour Multi Colours
Wattage 1500 Watts
This immersion rod is made with Plastic from Havells Brand (Havells India Limited). Purely Made in India. This is India’s First immersion rod  with auto power cut off. Its Main feature we ever saw in immersion rods is “Temperature Setting Knob” with 3 Options Low, Medium and High.  This Immersion rod comes with touch protection cover made with Good quality of plastic this plastic body can be used as a hanger to the bucket (it will protect the bucket from buring). This Immersion Rod contains a 3 Pin Plug.  

Auto Power Off & Low Power Consumption

This Immersion Rods Will Looks So Smart, This Will Reduces the Cost of Electricity and Also Gives Much Life then Any other immersion Rods. Its Main Functionality it to protect from short circuits and also protets our kids from Buring due to over heat.

Easy Operation Smart Switch

If flaps are in closed condition then the smart switch will not allow to SWITCH ON the product, the product will not  function Until the flaps are fully open.

Temperature Setting

India’s first immersion water heater with temperature setting knob. The function allows to set the heater on required temperature from low to medium to high.

Touch Protection Cover

Completely peace of mind as no chance of skin burning. Water splashing against the Immersion water heater from any direction will have no harmful effect. This Havells Immersion Iron Will Also Protects From Rusting


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